Fasting for 4 Days: My Experiment

Completed 75 hours of Fast (only plain water) and still counting! Since it is night time here, I intend to break my fast in another 10 hours (next morning).

First 24 hours are difficult (rumbling in stomach and hunger feeling and occasional irritability ). Once it is crossed, hunger takes a back seat. You are more at peace with yourself. In fact, after 24 hours, you feel starting better.The body is in in alignment with your thoughts. I have been just taking plain water. I have been working my regular patient care responsibilities in the hospital also and went to the gym on all 3 days (avoid strenuous exercises on 3rd day).

The body has a great flexibility to deal with starvation. In first 8-10 hours of fasting, as the liver’s Glycogen stores have been depleted, fats (lipids) start kicking in to supply the energy. And fats remain the main source of energy for fasting upto a week. If fasting is prolonged beyond 7 days (not advised), proteins (stores) are pushed in to provide energy, hence muscle wasting would happen.

Fasting has its other benefits. Many believers of Naturopathy say that prolonged fasting detoxifies the body and provides a chance to body’s immune system to reset itself. Individuals with Diabetes mellitus, other metabolic disorders should avoid it. It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking on to a prolonged fast.

Will write more in days to come!

PS: I ended my fast after 4 days, ie, 97 hours. I started taking juice a few hours before breaking the fast. Ended the fast with a light supper.


Note: This is not a medical advice!




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  1. Can I please tell me that how many days fasting is safe at the age of 41
    My group wants to propose a hunger strike so untill how many days we can
    This is for education for poor people and against fee hike of private schools

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