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Mother Teresa Exposed!

Submitted by on October 11, 2012 – 7:21 am 8 Comments
Indians have a great sense of reverence for Mother Teresa. The popular impression is that Teresa was a foreigner lady who came to our country and devoted her life to the service of mankind. She did, no doubt, serve the sick and poor people by providing a healing touch, love and care. However, there was much more than that. She had an incentive in her heart to serve such people: a motive to bring these people closer to God. But the problem is that she wanted them to be closer to her chosen God (Jesus) by weaning them from their current faith.

I strongly believe that we (Indians) need to expose the mis-deeds of Mother Teresa -who in the name of serving the poor and destitute- exploited the situation to CONVERT their faith. This is a highly despicable act.
Please spare time to read this article. I start with an incidence: Mother Teresa  shamelessly tried to save one American guy -Mr Keating -who donated millions of dollars to her charity working in India. Mr Keating had looted public money and was being convicted for the crime in USA. The communication between Teresa and the American court will give you an insight about the morality of this lady whose deeper design was to convert Hindus and others to Christianity.
I got interested in this incidence as a mention came in the book “Hindus Under Seige: The Way Out” by Subramaniyam Swamy. Then I did some Google search on this and came across these 2 articles which help us connect the pieces.
1. What Mother Teresa wrote to the USA court and the reply she got: http://howgoodisthat.wordpress.com/2008/07/13/charles-keating-gave-other-peoples-money-to-mother-teresa/
2. Well, you will naturally ask who is this swindler who donated millions of dollars to Teresa:! So, here we go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Keating
It should be remembered that the harshest criticism of  Mother Teresa has come NOT from India, but from outside. This also reflects the vacuum of Indian academia to analyse something that is against the wind! Christopher Hitchens exposed her well. Has Indian media done it ever? Just google it and see yourself.

Mother Teresa was a catholic nun and was a  proselytizer. That is plain and simple. She served you with compassion, but dug at your faith also! So, figure out what is the bigger solace for you!
Remember what Swami Vivekanad said hundreds of years ago: “Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy one more.”


  • mehtasp says:

    I knew it.. Never trust the motives of christian missionaries..It is only to promote conversion..Moral or ethics are simply out of focus of their lives SP

  • Brij says:

    brilliant study Munish ji….

  • Harsh Vora says:

    Excellent Munish. This is really helpful info about Teresa's reality. Also, great initiative with your website. Best luck! Let us now work together for India's revival through FTI work!

  • Harsh Vora says:

    Excellent Munish. This is really helpful info about Teresa's reality. Also, great initiative with your website. Best luck! Let us now work together for India's revival through FTI work!

  • Anonymous says:

    what you are doing is diminishing a women's work to something that in your eyes is deceived as evil or shameless. That is simply biased to the fact that you are not christian but a devout Hindu. She never once denied someone help simply because they weren't christian or because they weren't willing to accept Christianity which is what it appears to be what you implying here. Christian Missionaries do a lot more than spread their faith to others but take important tasks such as treating the sick and getting fresh water to ALL not to those they see as hopeless and easily manipulated. What is the crime in spreading literature about your faith to others? So she helped the sick and spoke about Christianity and the good it can do and does to all those who unfortunate regardless of their faith. Offering someone another option is not a crime. Telling someone that they wont get the health they need simply because they aren't of same faith is however that is not what she did nor was her intention. Its shameful that you would destroy all her hard work she has done and the good she has left as a manipulative form a christian missionary is utterly deplorable of your character doctor and shameful. What you writing appears more as deceive tool to drive a wedge between Christianity and Hinduism in India.

  • Dear Anonymous:I appreciate the humanitarian work done by Mother Teresa,but it came to Hindus at a cost: an INDUCEMENT to convert the faith. Unfortunately, it still continues with similar Christian organizations, World Vision being a very prominent. I would quote Swamy here: "Since according to the Hindu, all religions lead to God, hence there is no need for forcing conversion. The Christians (and Muslims)think otherwise,that his is the only true religion and it is God's work to convert heathens and kafirs to this only true religion." Thus, the western concept of secularism in fact has become a one-way obligation for Hindus. Hinduism has all the components to be a secularism concept in itself. Therefore religious conversion must be banned in India. Again, I am talking about Induced conversion (as Mother Teresa and other evangelists practice). I can not obviously take a stand if someone is willing to convert by choice.And I am surely not creating a schism between Hindus and Christians, for I look upon India as a secular country with plurality and various ethnicities adding to its colorful spectrum.I will also recommend you the book "Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines" by Rajiv Malhotra.

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