Welcome India with a New Terrorist Attack!

January 1: The new year 2008 welcomes India with a new suspected terrorist attack in Uttar Pradesh. In Rampur, suspected terrorists attacked a para-military camp and gunned down 7 para-miltary personnel. Times of India observes: “By hitting security camps as well as civilian targets like temples and mosques, jihadi groups are working to a plan to stir communal tensions and bleed the forces.” The Chief Minister of UP, Ms Mayawati, has vehemently declined to bear any responsibility for the failure to prevent this attack and has infact put the burden back on CRPF stating that the State Intelligence had already given them the input for a possible attack. Taking a dig at the Central government, the chief minister said the terrorist influx was not a recent event as ”international borders of the country are unsafe and terrorists have already made inroads in different parts of the country” (source: NDTV).

What a true confession on her part! Is our national leadership- led by a Minority Mohan Singh (always busy mollifying the minorities of this country!) hearing this outcry! Our porous borders -coupled with trains running across- and amnesia-inflicted national security plan will continue to result in a increasingly unstable country. Voltaire once said: “The present is pregnant with future.” We can see our future!

Welcome to the New Year, My beloved Country!

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