Vinoba Bhave

Vinoba Bhave – the famous Gandhian and Sarvodya leader- better known as a Bhudaan leader was featured on Time magazine in 1953 and a cover story was dedicated to him। I happened to see this while picture surfing about him on internet.
Acharya (spiritual leader) Bhave was one of the tall social leaders who tried to emulate Gandhian philosophy after Indian independence and bring about social reforms, Bhu-daan and Gram-daan being the most famous. Though his support to Indira Gandhi’s imposition of Emergency in 1977 – made him a center of controversy. It may be noted that he termed the Emergency as ‘anushashan parva’ ( a period of discipline), while it clearly was a dark period in the independent democratic India. Nevertheless, Vinoba Bhave was a man of vision and his land reforms were a big start and lent him international reputation. Individuals like Acharya Bhave and Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (famously known as JP) have proved that Gandhi- inspired initiatives based upon the principles of truth and non-violence are still relevant.
His Pawnar (or Paunar) Ashram located near Wardha and Sewagram – in central parts of India- continue to carry on his legacy and philosophy. I happened to visit the Ashram many a time while I was a med student at MGIMS (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences), Sewagram, Wardha.

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