Tibet: Meet Tenzin Tsundue

The Olympic torch has arrived in India and obviously Indian government has lost its sleep! If protests like what happened in France, and England happen here, what reply we will give to China! I do not agree with this policy, but there is no pointy in going into details. Well, protests will happen, they should happen and Tibetans have the right to protest for their rights! India is home to a very large Tibetan population as refugees.

Meet Tenzin Tsundue, a Tibetan poet, rebel and general secretary of the Friends Tibet. When asked about the potential of violence during protests in India, he summed up the things in a very succinct manner:
“Why is the media doing this? Because of the media, the entire event is heightened. The media is depicting the torch relay ceremony as if it is a war. The government has pitched in 15,000 security people for a ridiculous torch, which is not even worth Rs 2. Because of the security, the torch has lost all value.”
He added:
” Why do you believe propaganda of the Chinese government? We have Dalai Lama in heart, Gandhiji in mind and we are Buddhists. There will be protests on Thursday (April 17, 2008), but it will be non-violent.”

Very well, Indeed! I am all for peaceful demonstrations by Tibetans for their right to self-rule!

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