The United Nation

This week-end I visited the United Nations at New York. The guided tour took us through various chambers, notably Security Council Chamber, Trusteeship Council Chamber and ECOSOC (Economic & Social Council Chamber) and finally General Assembly Hall. In the Security Council Chamber, the guide- who was a young French lady- stressed upon the pivotal role being played by the UN in maintaining international peace and security. My mind reflected upon the role of UN vis-a-vis USA on these issues. Clearly in the era of American hagemony, the value of UN has been systematically eroded as far as international peace and security are concerned. Iraq’s case is in point. Today the US is highly conflicted over the issue of Iraq where it finds itself badly trapped. America feels that leaving Iraq at this juncture will result in escalation of the civil- war there. Whereas US dilemma may not be entirely misplaced, it is high time that the UN is more actively involved on this issue. The US army should withdraw in a gradual fashion and UN peacekeeping force should take over. Diplomatic efforts must also be increased by the international community to bring about peace in that country.

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