Tamilnadu Foundation Banned in USA

Today in a sensational news Times of India reports that the US has slapped sanctions on the charity group “amil Foundation”for its alleged involvement in fund-raising for banned LTTE. The Foundation has been designated under “Executive Order 13224”, which “targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism,” the US Department of Treasury said in a press statement. The foundation is accused of raising money in the US in the name of charities, which ultimately ended up in the hands of LTTE.

It may be noted that Tamil Nadu foundation has been operating as a not for profit (NGO in Indian parlance) in America for many years and many of its Directors on the Board are well-established professionals (doctors, engineers). Dr.S.Palanisamy ( an MD) is its President. Others include: Vice-Presidents: Dr. S. Deivanayagam from Cookeville, TN (Tennesse), Dr. Parimala NathanTampa, FL 33647, Mrs. Mani ManoharanPittsburg, PA 15241. The Secretary is: Mr. P.K. Aravazhi from Naperville, IL 60564 (Ph: 630-430-2158).
The website is http://www.tnfusa.org/boardofdirectors.html but I am sure the website will close down sooner than later.

TN Foundation states its objectives as:
“NF’s objective is to help promote educational, social and other charitable projects in Tamil Nadu as part of a humble attempt by its members to share their fortunes with less fortunate people.It’s aim and objectives are distinctly different from those of the local cultural organizations. In fact TNF is the only organization in the world that is entirely devoted to the promotion of economic, and social welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu.What was started as a small attempt by a few individuals to offer their contributions to Tamil Nadu has evolved into a well-developed foundation through the dedication of several members throughout USA.”
It is hard to say what went wrong, but some of the patrons and donors may not be knowing what had been happening!

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