Save unborn daughters

The voices and concerns against female foeticide are getting morea and more attention, as evidenced in this letter published in The Tribune:

“The state-level conference on female foeticide at Kurukshetra recently was one of the few conclaves organised in this part of the country. It was heartening to see representatives from the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and various religions come on a common platform on this crucial issue. The response from the public was overwhelming.
The issue of women’s empowerment and female foeticide has become the focal point for the nation to turnaround, jettison the old mindset and look at the future in a different perspective. We must save our unborn daughters at any cost. The whole nation is one on tackling this issue and would like to get on to the task of nation building from here. “

Dr MANOJ LAMBA, Radiologist, Kurukshetra

(Ref: The Tribune, Chandigarh: April 4,2007)

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