Presidential Elections

For US presidential elections 2008, primary caucuses are going on, and 2 days back, the nation saw Super Tuesday/ Super Duper being held. Once in a while, I will throwup the issue towards my son, who is 8 +. A few weeks back, he told me-what he digested from the knowledge his class teacher gave them- that these elections are going to be historical becuase either way US may see a first female President (Hillary) or a first African-American individual (Obama) being elected. I agreed with him partially!

So this tuesday I was explaining the concept of Super Tuesday where many states hold primaries on the same day. He added that on Democratic side, there were 2 in race (Hillary and Obama), whereas on Republican side, there were : John Mccain, Mitt Romney. Apparently, in his class, there was no discussion on Juliani and John Edwards! I added my input on how electiosn are held and how a potential candidate has to spend millions of money to run his show, like publicity, media coverage,etc.

Last night as we headed towards our home after a school book fair, Subramaniyam (Sub in short) pointed towards the voting machines which were kept in the school (for super tuesday). He added:” Dad! In my class, I am the only kid who is not US born, thus I can not become President of USA.” I asked which country would entitle you to become a President, he replied: India. I added: “Well, Indian President House is much bigger that White House”. He continued in the same enthusiastic tone: ” One has to spend less money to give advertisements in media also there! And it may be easier to become President there, to which I replied: ” Not necessarily. The competition may be equally tough there too”.

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