Mindset And Attitude!

My parents live in Faridabad. The whole of North India is reeling under heat. Yesterday I called them and my sister who is visiting from Nagpur was also there. I asked them that they might be able to ward off the heat with air-conditions. She replied that for at least 8 hours a day there is no electricity and that balances out everything. The inverters are hardly able to charge!

My friend Vijay from Faridabad sent me an email and told me while we were talking on the phone that to send that email, he had to restart his PC 3 times. Sometimes electricity is not there, sometimes the voltage is so low that you cannot work effectively on PC. He was replying to my complaint as to why we were not able to chat on internet!

My young son (along with family) has just reached New Delhi from NY and I was curious to know whether the Air India flight bound for N Delhi (via London) was in time. Sitting here in NY, I googled to find IGI Airport website. The website is a shame if we compare web-sites of other air-ports, like JFK, O’hare and Heathrow. The web-site doesnot let you see the status of flights, though it does provide schedules. In the menu, ‘Contact Us’ provides no telephne numebr. Typical Indian mentality or “chalta hai” attitude”.

I know it is easy to criticize the things, particularly sitting far away. But I feel while we talk of rising India, we must realize that the qualitative differences that exist are difficult to fill.

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