Heinous rape and murder in katra, Uttar Pradesh

May 28-29,2014: The horrific rape and murder of 2 teenage sisters in Katra, Uttar Pradesh has brought shame to all of us. The gruesome hanging of the victims to the tree was the most barbaric act the culprits committed. It simply exhibits their insanity and insensitivity. However, I was appalled by the agonizing delay that happened in police reaching the crime scene and cordoning the area so that the whole world could have been  spared of the insensitive way the hanging bodies were displayed by the media. It has been reported by the media that the girls belong to Dalit families.
Violence (including sexual) against women has its roots in societal attitudes. However, lax law and order situation also adds to the problem. The society can not absolve itself of the guilt that we all share when such cases happen. Similarly, the ignorance and misplaced notions of the political class with regard to violence against females just halts the process of more stringent laws to tackle the problem. I am reminded of a recent highly irresponsible statement by none other than Mulayam Singh Yadav whose land witnessed this unfortunate incidence. Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav had said on an occasion:” Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.”

Let us hope the police and justice system will act in a swifter manner to bring some healing  to the aggrieved families.


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  1. I feel very sorry and frustrated to hear such stories, and the worst thing is : I can just shout and share the news, nothing else I can do :-(, So sorry again and again.

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