The movie “The Da Vinci Code” (by Ron Howard ,released 2006) based upon the life ( or more appropriately one particular aspect) of Jesus Christ generated much controversy. This we all know well. What surprises me is that this movie is being shown in the libraries also (at least New York where I live). That is cool! I am surely impressed. As the tempers rose, the protests were carried out against this movie all over the world, notably in India also.

Deepa Mehta’s movie “water” (based upon the plight of Hindu widows in India) also met similar kinds of protests. I saw the movie in a Chicago downtown theatre and liked it (we were only 2 persons watching that particular late night show: me and my wife!!). It is fortunate that lesser number of widows have to face similar level of struggle and wrath from the society now. Things are changing and must change.

This reminds me India was the first ever country in the world to ban Salman Rushdie’s book (The Satanic Verses). So meek as we are or is it just a vote bank politics! For the records, we are also a secular state and freedom of expression is highly valued and as they say it is well -trenched in our way of life! The book is still banned in India though!

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