Attack on Taslima: An act of cowardice!

The news of attack on Taslima Nasreen- a Bangladeshi woman writer who currently lives in India is a shocking one. In Hyderabad (India), fundamentalist Muslims -led by 3 Muslim MLAs- tried to assault Taslima in a press meet. The MIM party’s MLA- Akbarrudin Owaisi- has reportedly said: ” We are not bothered about our MLA status. We are Muslims first. And its our responsibility to test those who have said anything against Islam in which ever way possible.”

What a shame! Not only these so-called Muslims bring shame to Islam, they are denigrating India also. These acts are contrary to the Indian values. India stands for pluralism, social harmony,religious tolerance and freedom of expression. Religious fundamentalism is already bringing disrepute to us. We want it no more!

The people involved in this shameful act must be brought to the book.

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