American hagemony

One wonders how can a democratic country like USA wage a war on a sovereign country like Iraq (who never ever was a threat to its territorial integrity, never ever held captives its civilians or military men and or threatened its soverneighty in any possible way)! Then we have a UNO in place so where is the justification of a sovereign nation ( and a champion of democracy) attacking another one. Here is a reader’s letter to the Newsweek magazine ( published in January,2007 which reciprocates these sentiments.

Hanging of a Dictator

With Saddam Hussein’s execution, we once and for all get to see what a huge blunder this war has been (“Death of a Tyrant,” Jan. 8). A gang of leather-jacketed, ski-masked thugs—looking more like they were hijacking a plane to Uganda than fulfilling the final sentence handed down by the highest court in Iraq—handled the execution in what looked to be the back alley of a local butcher shop’s garbage dump. And our president still desperately attempts to downplay the fact that our policies are creating a world with more suffering, more chaos and more violence. It’s time to begin promoting true peace, true justice and true democracy.

Sean KarlinSan Francisco, Calif.

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