Will Modi take up the fight to de-criminalize Indian politics?

Last week, the Election Commission of India made a few proposals for electoral reforms to the Law Ministry, which have further been referred to the Law Commission.

Two important issues that Election Commission has raised are:
1. The EC proposes that if a person is accused in a criminal case where the (minimum) punishment is imprisonment of five years and charges have been framed by the competent magistrate at least six months before the scheduled date of election, then in that case he should be DISQUALIFIED from contesting elections.
I personally welcome the Election Commission’s proposal. If implemented, it will effectively help in decriminalizing politics in India.
2. Another proposal made by the Election Commission addresses the malpractice of filing of false affidavits by the candidates before elections.
As per the proposal: A person who files false affidavit will not only be given some punishment but also would be disqualified from contesting elections.
The aforesaid disqualification clause can prove to be a major deterrent to the candidates from telling lies.
The task of nation building can not be accomplished without taking some tough decisions. Electoral reforms that help cleanse the system of goons and criminals should be a priority for the Modi government. I hope Prime Minister Mr. Modi implements these proposals without any delay.

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