What ails India!

What ails my country! The biggest issue is that of corruption and lack of accountability in our political system. The criminalization of politics has added to the woes. Democracy minus accountability = aristocracy (babus/officials). And babus and politicians are in hands- in- gloves in modern India, thus the common man has no outlet for succor.
Solution: We badly need electoral reforms whereby the system could be made more accountable. The babus must be made accountable for their decisions or the services they provide or administer.
Do the solutions seem easy? Are these rhetorics going to deliver? The problem seems to be grave and enormity of situation seems to be over-whelming. But then we have to make a start from somewhere: it is the individual himself/herself. On a larger scale, we need a “Liberate India movement” (analogous to Quit India movement of 1942) with a clarion call to the babus of our Independent India who are exploiting us to liberate the system. That demands wide spread application of Satyagraaha.But letus not forget the babus are from within us (we pay lakhs of rupees to get our wards into jobs and the expect them to ‘regenerate’ that money!!).

We deserve better India! We demand better India!

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