Time to raise the bar for honest politics

August 27, 2014: The Supreme Court said today: “As a trustee of the Constitution, the Prime Minister is expected NOT to appoint unwarranted persons as ministers.” The constitution bench hearing a decade old plea on dismissal of some tainted ministers (at that time, Mr. Man Mohan Singh was the Prime Minister)) observed further: “It is expected that the PM will not appoint persons against whom charges have been framed and he is facing trial. We leave it to the PM and Chief Ministers.”

The Supreme Court has rightly refused to disqualify the ministers with criminal charges, saying it is up to the elected political leadership to take action on that. The apex court observed that it is primarily the duty of the head of states (Prime Minister and Chief Ministers) to practice politics with morality.

Getting 4 Ministers of UPA govt led by Man Mohan Singh of the year 2004 disqualified now is a moot point. However, the Supreme Court’s observations are very timely since the standards of our politics have hardly improved in the last 10 years!

It is a CLARION CALL for our politicians. The nation expects you to set a high bar of clean and honest politics. Will Prime Minister Shri Modi cleanse his house NOW? He has 14 Ministers with criminal records. Will he pause and reflect at what the constitution bench has just said?



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