Swat Valley and Islamic Law

This week Pakistani Government agreed to allow implementation of Islamic law ((Shariya) in Swat valley (bordering Afghanistan).

Obviously this is a victory for Taliban and pro-Taliban elements. India and US have expressed concern over this development. The government of Pakistan has justified this decision by saying that this was necessary to restore peace in the valley.

Conceding to the demands of fundamentalists and extremists, this development has exposed the weakness of Pakistan government. Pakistani political leadership has always been pre-occupied in destabilizing the regional peace (be it India or Afghanistan): Taliban is a creation of Pakistan as the world knows! Let loose the extremism and it comes back to devour you! That is what has been happening there! As the recent times indicate, Taliban seems to be re-emerging in Afghanistan (hence a troop increase by USA in Afghanistan). Similarly, experts say that this so-called peace-making move in Swat valley will actually allow Taliban forces to regroup and re-strengthen.

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