Resignation of Arvind Kejriwal: Nishkaam karma

Is AAP deeply worried about the quality of the Indian intellectuals who interpret Shri Kejriwal’s

resignation from Chief Minister ship as betrayal and/or escapism instead of seeing it as an

example of NISHKAM KARMA YOGA. This resignation is in sharp contrast to the behavior of

the present day politicians.

Its precedence in the contemporary history is that of Subhas Chandra Bose’s resignation from

ICS. In the antiquity it is comparable to Chandragupta Maurya’s ascetic life in present day

Srobon Belgola of Karnak. Emperor Ashok’s life as a saint. Prince Gutam Buddha’s Maha

Nishkraman. And Emperor Kharbels sainthood in Kalinga.

What happens or has happened to the inner fabric of a nation whose dominating intellectual class

– product of current education system – are either unable or unwilling to appreciate the real

significance of Kejriwal’s resignation? Does AAP feel alarmed of the quality of the education

system that breeds such elements? If yes- what educational reforms do they intend to introduce?

One thought on “Resignation of Arvind Kejriwal: Nishkaam karma”

  1. Dr. Raizada Saab, good evening to u at 1st.
    Just I read ur article titled as Resignation of Kejriwal: Nishkaam Karma
    Me seems that ur profound concern about India’s filthy Political as well as worthless/demeritorious Educational system is highly praiseworthy but ur both amalgamated depiction of Political and Academic along with all instances of d emperor era in regard to or in connection with Kejriwal’s Political standpoint r quite different issues.
    Bcoz Ashok’s heart was totally changed after d war of Kalinga & he willingly turned down d emperorship. Meanwhile Kejriwal’s entire strike-struggle have been ultimately around for grabbing power/chair via politics behind d latent of his all kind of demonstrations.
    On d other hand, whether they r our freedom fighters or Bose, Budh, Mahavir Hrishab like great patriots/hermits, they have never been desired towards power/politics. They nothing believed in something taking but adopting d virtuous lore/speculation.
    So, still in d beginning age of Kejriwal’s politics life his early comparision to all other selfless n sacrificed/martyrs would b d injustice as well as underestimation with our mentioned alleged great warriors/sage.
    -Kammi Thakur, “MUSAFIR”
    Narnaul, India.

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