Reservation Largesse continues!

In last many weeks, India witnessed another impasse over reservation issue. The Gujjar community was at agitation over the demand for catse-based reservation in Rajasthan. The sordid tale of evnts ended only after the state BJP government bowed to their demands and granted them 5 % reservation.

When will this bogey of reservation end? Tomorrow another community will make an uprise and try to shoot the administration in the eyes! Whereas India needs a long term solution to get rid of this caste-based reservation, we are witnessing largesses being distributed! This speaks volumes of our lack of long term vision, pragmatism and an indirect admission of caste-based realities of Indian (Hindu) society! I am not against reservation for socially disadvantages people: they need to be assisted for the upliftment, but I am of the firm belief that this catse -based reservation must be phased out with a more coherent and pragmatic policy replacing it!

And one more point: The fact that BJP agreed to this arrangement is more disappointing! BJP calls herself a party with a difference and takes pride in nationalism and national integration! So much for that cause!

One thought on “Reservation Largesse continues!”

  1. Dear Mr. Munish,I agree with your views on reservation…..and I’m sure that almost all the people belonging to non reserved category will agree to it. I have written something related to it on my blog,and I would like to share it with you check that out.and I’m sure you will like it…

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