Religious shake-ups!

Wake up call for Hindus! This news-item tells us that 50,000 Dalit Hindus chose to convert to Buddhism at a ceremony held at Mumbai on May 27,07. In this modern age, if we donot see reforms in Hinduism and these trends continue coupled with missionary zeal of Christians and Islamic conversions, the course of India (already reduced from Vrahad Bharat, ie, Great India) it seems is destined to change further!

Another interesting news. Jama Masjid United Forum ( recently held a seminar in New Delhi and tried to take on Islamic terrorism. That is a welcome step. There is an impression gaining around that educated and right -thinking Muslims donot come forward and criticize Islamic terrorism which has gripped many parts of the world. JMUF seems to dispel that notion. From the new-item it seems that Mr Bukhari may be playing to the gallery, nevertheless the efforts are laudable.

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