Regional “Avatar”: Raj Thackeray

Now we have a new regional “avatar” in form of Raj Thackeray! The eagerness to become regional satraps can make them stoop to any level, and Raj is no exception! “Divide people” is their mantra!

Thus the clarion call given by raj Thackeray of a regional political outfit Maharastra Navnirnman Sena (MNS) is to pit North Indians against Maharastrians or Mumbaikars (residents of Mumbai). This is not constructive (as the name Navnirman would suggest), this is totally destructive! Not only that, Raj and his goons are taking law into their hands and causing damage to the property.
I am sure public is not going to be drawn into this divisive politics, but the government should deal firmly with Raj and his bandwagon! Click here for the news-piece.

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