Murder of an 81 years old in GK and AAP connection

The news of murder of an 81-years Mrs. Rekha Duggal – a resident of Greater Kailash in Delhi- drew widespread attention for the brazenness and inhumane behavior of the domestic help who killed her. The alleged killer – Neerak Saki- has also admitted to raping her before killing her. Just heart-wrenching news that makes you feel absolutely sick!  She was murdered on Monday, July 7, 2014. Here is a link to the news-item.

However, such anguish becomes much more intolerable when you come to know a personal connection to the person. Same day, July 7, she attended a Mohalla Sabha organized by our Aam Aadmi Party in the area in the daytime. Mr. Saurabh Bhardwaj- our MLA from Greater Kailash- told me that he vividly remembered an old lady (who he did not know personally) not only attending the meet, but she got up and drew attention to a civic issue in her neighborhood. She also gave a couple of good suggestions, said one of our volunteers. Mrs Duggal signed the sheet of the attendees also and one of the volunteers of the party ruefully showed me the diary. And after a few hours, such a gentle loving soul was taken away by a psychopath and barbaric man!

These days, I am attending to the party work in a few assembly areas, including Greater Kailash. When my attention was drawn to this news, it just made our hearts heavier.  And think about the family that is bearing the loss of the deceased. As someone said: These kind of brutal incidences are an indicator as to how low we have touched as a society!



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