More Than Tomorow (MTT) Project

In India only 2 % of all schools have computers. Working to bridge the last mile of the “Digital Divide” is the US-based not for profit “More Than Tomorrow“.

Its founder Marshall Krinitz is an affable personality who is passionate about his mission. A chance meeting with him at the local swimming pool got us to know each other. MTT Project is aimed at helping villages to acquire computers. As the brochure says: “The guiding principle is the belief that if we partner with people, especially people in poor, rural areas, and provide them the cutting- edge tools with which to enhance their lives, we can initiate a new dynamic.” It is a humnle beginning on his part, but given his commitment, I am sure the organization will be a great help to the needy people.

Started in mid- 2007, the Organization is mainly working in rural areas of Dharamshala, HP.

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