Lodge Your Grievance online with GOI

I was viewing the website recommended to me by TLS Bhaskar (He recently formed a Telugu Diaspora: http://telugudiaspora.com/). The organization is “Association for Human Development” run by Dr Srinivasa K Rao (New York). The following useful piece of information is being reproduced:

“Dear Friends,
Here is the opportunity to speak to the government for a better India.
Government of India has an online Grievance forum at http://darpg-grievance.nic.in/

The government wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials or departments like Passport Office, Electricity board, BSNL/MTNL, Railways,etc.
So use this grievance forum and educate others who don’t know about this facility. This way we can at least raise our concerns instead of just talking about the ‘System’ in India.
Invite your friends to contribute for many such happenings.

Spread this message if u want our India to change.”

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