Khyati Joshi and her Activism

Khyati Y Joshi is an assistant professor at the School of Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey and is on a crusade: To get schools to give equal respect to religions other than Christianity. She has authored a book “New Roots in America’s Sacred Ground’. Khyati (whom everyone will conveniently call ‘Kathy’ ) says: “Whatever illusions we may entertain about the separation of Church and state, religion is in schools. Specifically, Christianity is in our schools as it is in society. My work, both my writing and teaching advocates not that we try to exclude Christianity, which would be impossible, but that all religions should be seen and respected in schools.”

She further adds: “Being a scholar in US, I study and write about Christian hegemony and its effects on non-Christians. If we were in India, the same motivation would cause me to study and write about Hindu hegemony”. Very true, indeed!

One of her articles “Because I Had a Turban” gives more insight into her point of view.

To know more about her work, visit her website:

One thought on “Khyati Joshi and her Activism”

  1. I have not seen any discrimination based on religion or nationality in U.S. Actually no one cares about religion. If it is important to a person,it is respected as that person’s individuality. This tolerance & respect is for the person as an individual & is not based on the merits or demerits of any religion. What more do you want?We should try to be peacemakers instead of stirring petty strifes.

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