Italy rubs India under Italian Ruler in India

Italian Marines allegedly kill  two Indian fishermen. Italy asserts that they were killed in international water, India says they were killed in Indian jurisdiction. The 2 Italian marines are charged by Indian authorities and put in jail.

The case goes to Supreme Court (SC). The 2 Italian marines ( Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone)  plead that they be allowed to go to Italy for Christmas vacation (Dec 2012). Strangely, SC allows. They dutifully return to India.

In Feb 2013, the jailed marines request again to go to Italy to cast their vote in elections in Italy! Wow, what a request! The SC allows them again. Now, they DO NOT return.

What a slap on the face! India seethes with anger.

But why did the SC act upon in such a dim wit manner?

I have 2 basic questions:

What is the necessity of sending the 2 convicts on parole for casting their vote? Even if the Ambassador of Italy gave a sworn affidavit, what is the need. Does the whole democracy of Italy survive of the votes of these 2 Italian men?

Why Govt of India did not oppose the parole?

Why should not Indian public assume that Supreme Court was playing it softly? On whose directions?


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