Is the black-money chase turning into a pied pipers dream?

While addressing a rally in Haryana on April 3 2014, Modi as a prime ministerial candidate had said: “…I promise whether a new law is needed or a new pact with another country is required, I will bring this black-money back to India.”
Now on October 17, 2014- approximately seven months later -Mr. Modi is the Prime Minister of India. The Modi Government says that NOT all information can be disclosed and requests the Supreme Court to modify its order in the black money case on absolute disclosure of information pertaining to people who stashed tainted money abroad. The reason being put forth is the double taxation avoidance agreement to state information relating to account holders in foreign banks could not be put in public domain by virtue of the treaty.
I have a question: ” Are not double tax treaties aimed at avoidance of double taxation burden on ASSESSES rather than being considered as a vow of SECRECY?”

Is this not a betrayal by BJP, when so many voted them to power on their promise of ‪#‎Blackmoney‬

Even UPA gave the same excuse while in power. As opposition, BJP had come come up with a 23 point charter for getting back the black money stashed abroad citing the example of Tunisia. Here is the link for the same:
The BJP’s U-turn has only one explanation: BJP had fought parliamentary elections with black money , as till date source of the funding is not known. So how can BJP disclose the names of those who funded their campaign! 

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