Is Modi ruling the President way?

Today’s newspapers have carried out a news that Modi’s Prime Minister Office (PMO) has taken over the process of  deciding on appointments and transfers of senior officers in the government. By doing so, the PMO has reduced Home Minister Shri Rajnath to a rubber stamp in selection process of bureaucrats. The selection of senior babus happens through Appointment Committee of Cabinet (ACC) and Home Minister has a primary role to play in this. However, now Mr. Modi will decide on appointments and as Home Minister Mr. Rajnath will simply sign at the dotted line.

It seems Mr. Modi continues to concentrate power in his hands. let us remember that we have in India what we call Westminster Parliamentary system and not the Presidential system of governance.  If Mr. Modi thinks that he can run government by Presidential system by proxy, then it would not be a healthy trend for our country.

In a parliamentary system followed in our country, the prime Minister has enormous power and privileges, but the PM must ensure that his or her several of the departments continue to be relevant.

It may be noted that I am not opposed to Presidential system of governance, though. But let us not run systems by proxy. It would tantamount to subversion of constitution also.

Here is a link to the news that appeared in newspapers.


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