Is freedom failing?

In a very thought-provoking commentary, Peter Beinart says that in many countries that have embraced democracy since the cold war’s end, free elections haven’t reduced corruption, violence or poverty. Further, if freedom does not put food on the table, people will embrace tyranny. The article published in Time (May 21,2007) can be accessed through this link.

In response to this article, Jocelyn Fong from Phoenix comments in her letter to the editor that there is a fundamental relationship between economics and politics and adds: “but he (Beinart) also encourages readers to question the export of American democracy”. And that ” It is time for a shift from the Bush Administration’s vague, rhetorical emphasis on freedom to more concrete markers of democracy: human rights, peace and citizen participation.” Very apt comments, indeed! Though I am not sure, whether democracy has been a virtue patented by Americans only!

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