India: “Smoked Out” !

Proportion of all smokers in the world:
China: 30 %
India: 11.2 %
USA: 4.5 %
Tobacco-related habits are prevalent in all cultures, races and communities. It is such an addiction that has faded the boundaries of race and cultures! People have risen above race and cultural differences when it comes to smoking!

India has a 3 times population of USA and thus it would seem that both countries have an equal share of smokers. However, in USA there is an increasing awareness about the harms of smoking and passive smoking is very less prevalent because of work-place and public place- policies. That is hardly a case in India where you are a passive smoker even if you do not want to be! And the dangers of passive smoking are also significant. ‘Bidis’ are particularly inexpensive.

This mindless smoking and unwillingness of government to take some harsh measures means that as per projections 1 in 5 men in India will die from smoking by 2030. As per estimates, if global trends continue, by 2030 more than 8 million people will die each year from tobacco-related causes- 80 % in the developing world.

Some health agencies say that AIDS is going to cause havoc in India in years to come! What about simmering cigarettes! Are we going to be ‘smoked out’!

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