India and Cricket

India lost badly in ongoing Cricket World Cup being held in West Indies. Two humiliating defeats by Bangladesh and then Sri Lanka meant that India was out of the cup even in Preliminary stages. This is one of the worst performances by India in the history of Cricket World Cup.

Here is a collection of jibes the people are taking on Indian team (collected from Little India magazine published from New York:

Laugh It Off!

Here are a few jokes doing the email and sms rounds after India’s World Cup elimination.

A family court judge was deciding on a little girl’s custody.
Judge: Baby, would you like to live with your Daddy?
Little Girl: No, he beats me.
Judge: Then you’d like to live with your Mummy?
Little Girl: No, no. She beats me too.
Judge: (exasperated): Then who would you like to live with?
Little Girl: The Indian cricket team. They don’t beat anybody.

Q. Who’s responsible for India’s exit from the World Cup?
A. Indira Gandhi. She created Bangladesh.

Team Manager: Hello.Voice: Can I speak to Sachin? This is his wife.Team Manager: Sorry, he’s just gone out to bat.Voice: Okay, I’ll hold on.

Q. What is the height of optimism?
A. Dhoni coming out to bat with sunscreen on his face.

Q. Why can’t Virgin Airlines ever become the sponsor of the Indian cricket team?
A. Not with the way we keep getting f—-dIndia is a cricketing nation. It walks, talks, eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps cricket. Too bad it doesn’t play it.
– S.H

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