Illegal immigrants

I thought issues are politicized only in India, not in USA! The way the issue of il-legal immigrants is being handled with a vote in mind just reflects that vote bank politics can lure anyone!

The people and groups who are advocating to be soft towards il-legal immigrants and that a humane approach be taken towards them often say that these il-legal immigrants are doing the jobs that no one else will do and that they are contributing so much to the economy of USA. But that is not the issue. You cannot compare burglars with home-guests! And americans (or legal immigrants for that matter) will take up the jobs when there is no one else to do them. Why not! When there are no one to do a particular job, will not it be offered at a higher wages and will it not attract workers! I mean free market will balance the things.

The way the federal government is acting as a rolly-polly umpire towards il-legal immigrants, that is a certainly disheartening to right-thinking people who want to abide by rules to attain a respectful immigrant status in this country! The way an illegal mother (of a child who was born here in USA and thus became citizen) has taken shelter in a church in chicago and has ‘refused’ to leave and certain groups of people are supporting her for ethnic interests just reflects politics of populism and nothing else.

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