“I Have a Dream”!

” I Have a Dream” : this famous phrase uttered by Dr Martin Luther king, Jr. has gained a historical prominence. On his birth anniversary, in the school, my 3rd grader son’s class set out to figure out what every student thought of their dreams! They were probably given to decipher what dream they had for their community, country and the world. That was an apt framework provided. Here is what my son had to offer his dreams on these lines. He wrote:

A] I have a dream for my community:
I have a dream that my community will become more technological.
When I told that the community here is already technologically advanced, what he wanted more! He said that he was thinking about his community back in India where people have lesser degree of access to the internet.

B] I have a dream for my Country:
I have a dream that one day there will be no war in my country.
To this I said: “Well, Sub! Where is the war in USA?” He referred to the war in Iraq! So, his understanding is that we in USA are at war with Iraq. I could not disagree!

C] I have a dream for the World:
I have a dream that the world will be pollution-free in the future.
Al Gore has succeeded in his Mission, I would say! Even kids are talking of Global warming! That is science taken to homes!

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