Hari Om Sharan

Around 1992, my friend- Kumar Mukesh -gave me a cassette of devotional songs by Hari Om Sharan ji(HOM). When I listened to them, I became an instant fan. The voice of HOM is captivating.
And 15 years down the lane, I am still equally enthralled when I listen to his songs! A few songs which I like most are: “Tera Ramji karenge beda paar..”, ” Maili chadar odh ke kaise”, ” Shri radhe gobinda, man bhaj le hari ka pyara naam hai”, ” Data ek ram, bhikari saari duniya..”, etc. Let me admit that I have not heard a more melodious narration of Hanumaan Chalisa than the one recited by HOM. I have listened to this countless times. Similarly, two collections of his songs -Premanjali and Pushpanjali are very famous. I have also seen the DVD of these songs.

Trying to gather more info about HariOm Sharan, I happened to come across a web-site dedicated to him: http://www.hariomsharan.com/. This is an excellent source of info about Hari Om Sharan ji.

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