Haggling: I know it!

What is ‘Haggling’ ? Well, even if you do not know the meaning, you probably have done it all your life in a country like India. Whenever you go out to buy something, you have to indulge in the practice called ‘haggling’ ! Really! Well, yes, indeed! In other words, it is the practice of buying a good after bargaining with the seller. Now we know! Be it a parley biscuit or a jacket or a refrigerator or a car: we practice and preach ‘haggling’ as one of the virtues! It is not always to our liking or taste, but you got to do it in order to save pennies!

Now one unquoted reference on internet says: “Haggling is, in many of what are regarded as “less economically developed” civilizations, an acceptable means of agreeing payment for goods.”
That- if we consider it true- displaces us to kind of less civilized people! Well, whatever you call, but definitely, haggling is a phenomenon not seen in richer nations. But you never know, its subtle form is being seen in richer countries too with the advent of economic slowdown.

Merriam Webster Dictionary explains the meaning of haggling: 1: to cut roughly or clumsily : hack; 2. archaic : to annoy or exhaust with wrangling.

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