Follow- up: Proposed NGO

I had posted the previous message- about the proposed N G O (please read “Appeal”, dated April 14,07 on this blog) – on various web-portals and have received encouraging replies and communications. This is the follow-up on the ongoing thought-process.

I have tried to outline the proposed NGO in my blog as well as my various communications. Its area of action will be limited to Haryana ( so as to solidify the momentum), though we remain nationalistic in our outlook!

As can be understood, our work would mainly be socio-political, but the aim is not to become rabble-rousers! Through the mechanisms of democracy- which I believe we have inherited in a solid way, thanks to the vision of the founders of our Constitution- we aim to challenge the anomalous practices which have crept up in our system. Thus in the initial years at least, our practices shall mainly be institutional: to study, research, draft and recommend and then follow-up (the last step being very crucial). These may be empowered from time to time with the means of democracy, like satyagraha, PILs and public awareness. However, the emphasis will be to link common people to this organization as well, so that it truly grows as a people’s network.

In the long run, if we are able to emerge as a strong “Shadow Cabinet”: Our mission will be fulfilled! Governments may go or come ( somwhow India has become home to the phenomenon called “Revolving Door Democracy”), this kind of “Shadow Cabinet” will remain firmly seated in its saddles!

Please do suggest about the preliminaries: where in Haryana to begin, how many people to begin, what could be the name, when to begin and any other idea!

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