Fair Tax Movement in USA

The Tax system of USA- like many other countries- is not an easy one. It is pretty complex. This leads to proliferation of CPAs and Government departments.
I recently came across a movement that is catching up, albeit slowly: FairTax.
Needless to say, Fair Tax advocates simplification  of taxes, based upon retail sale. So rather than paying the taxes on your income, you pay tax only when you buy something (some items will have no taxation). FairTax is advocates a 23 % flat tax for every one  and it says that will result in revenue-neutral state, but gradually it will result in revenue plus if Govt takes adequate measures.
Yesterday I happened to hear Libertarian candidate for the Presidential elections 2012, Mr Gary Johnson– who is being described as fiscally conservative and socially cool! He clearly advocated Fair Tax as a solution for the US economic woes!
The Fair Tax looks interesting. 

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