Emergency in Pakistan: Concerns for India!

Pakistan’s dictator Parvez Musharraf has imposed Emergency in the country on saturday , November 3, 2007. This move was not totally unexpected, though! The worsening law and order situation in Pakistan could not have gone worse! The history of our neighboring country has been replete with the instances of military regimens and this is another addition to the chapter. USA’s ally in the war against terrorism (what a paradox), i.e, Pakistan, is itself in the grips of terrorism (notwithstanding the fact that it has perpetuated terrorism also).The loudest advocate of democracy in the world, that is USA, has so far not given a harsh indictment on this development in Pakistan.

India has no reasons to cheer on this development. India must not only show a great resentment to this move to throttle the democracy in Pakistan, it should exert pressure on the world community to bring Pakistan under pressure to come out of this blind situation (this may not be easy, though). An unstable Pakistan is India’s constant sore!

It may not be out of context to mention here that Newsweek magazine had brought a very timely issue on Pakistan’s stark realities! The October 29, 2007 issue of Newsweek brings out the cover story on Pakistan with the title: “The Most Dangerous Nation in World is not Iraq. It is Pakistan”. And the story moves on! It is ironic that religious fundamentalism culminated into the birth of a new country- Pakistan- and still there is no peace!

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