Election Commission and Ethical Issues

The current controversy at the Election Commission of India drew my attention to a fact that the former Chief Election Commissioner M S Gill is now a Rajya Sabha member! I used to perceive Mr. Gill as a righteous person, but his accepting a political nomination has undone whatever he gained as a CEC. Now, before we get into the expectations of individual-based adherence to ethics and morals, let us admit that it is the State that teaches its citizens discipline, and ethics, otherwise man has its own fallibility. In my judegement- and I am sure many will agree with me- an individual who has served as an Election Commissioner or Chief EC- should be barred from accepting any political nomination or post ( if not for life, surely for at least certain period so that he/she is not enticed to behave in a partisan manner).

A democracy without regulations and oversight is a dysfunctional democracy and may actually border the realm of a dictatorship. Our 62 years old democracy needs many more refinements so as to serve our nation in an optimal manner.

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