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October 10, 2018 – 3:41 pm

We have decided to make a documentary movie on the deception played by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).
1. To narrate how AAP has betrayed the country by double standards. It termed the movement as 2nd freedom …

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Pakistan: Will Imran Khan be a Rabble Rouser Prime Minister?

July 26, 2018 – 10:28 pm
Current Pakistan was carved out of India on the basis of Islam.

As Mr. Atal Behari Vajpeyee once said: “You can change friends, but not  neighbors.”
Even though Pakistan was carved out of India, today Pakistan is a bête noire for India. At the expense of sounding politically …

Looking beyond the land boundary deal

June 21, 2015 – 2:40 pm

Oped section of The Pioneer, dated June 15 carried my write-up highlighting the issue of illegal immigrants in India from Bangladesh: Looking beyond the land boundary deal
Narendra Modi has done well on the land deal with …

Is US media covering Obama’s India visit?

March 18, 2015 – 2:43 am

The Indian media is taking pains to describe at length- even with graphical details- about Air Force One looking no less than a Flying White House, official vehicle of President called ‘the Beast’, his dog …

Article on Sino-Pak Rail Project

July 22, 2014 – 1:52 pm
Sino Pak

My article on Sino-Pakistan Rail project was published in The Political and Business Daily in July 18,2014. Please click on the image below for easier viewing.


A train to Pakistan, but this time from China!

July 15, 2014 – 2:45 am

“The enemy of your foe can be your best friend.” Nothing but this describes China’s long standing plans of getting cozy with Pakistan. Struck between two nations, each of which wants a piece of its …

Iraq and ISIS Crisis

June 25, 2014 – 12:41 am

The turmoil in the Middle-East doesn’t seem to have an end in the close sight. What started as a minor intrusion into the territory of Iraq has turned into one of the biggest crisis in …